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The match of music to the game really turns what would otherwise be "just another platform puzzler" into a cute little game with lots of ambiance. I love the detail work on the characters and tiles despite the limited palette. It shows a degree of care and polish that is rare in games made for jams.

My only complaint is that the room with 5 blocks seems to be impossible. I have 2 secrets, I've managed to completely leave the map with block-hackery, I've talked to the guy who says it's been a long time since he got visitors, I've tried bringing in blocks from other screens...

Nothing is working. Is it impossible or a bug? Or am I missing something obvious? Or is it not even a trick, and I just can't solve puzzles? :(

Anyway, it's the little things that keep me playing. The puzzle elements may not be innovative, but the lines when he jumps, the puffs of smoke...it's those things that make the game scream out how polished it is, despite how understated those effects are. Truly a work of art.

And a work of frustration, for me. XD

Raiyumi responds:

Thanks. :)

Hint: The blocks don't need to stay in place. They just need to all be touching at the same time. Good luck. :)

Trolling like a baus.

Improve your English.

I'd love to see a version of this game that increased the sense of progression as you moved along. Power ups would be welcome. A plot would be welcome. The ability to finish a level would be welcome.

This has a lot of potential to grow, and could be a lot more exciting and better executed as a result. I look forward to see what you have in store for the future.

AndrewEkeren responds:

Great, thank you very much for playing and the feedback! I'm keeping a list of possible additions for a sequel.

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Even without having heard this theme before, having played many JRPGs, this brought a lot of nostalgia for me. I feel like the playing was well done, and the recording quality is good as well. I do wish you had a little bit more variance with either pacing or volume.

Whether to do so to emphasize existent nuances of the piece, or to put your own spin on it, it would have made it more interesting.

0:15-0:21 for example seemed (take this with a grain of salt) like it could have been a bit more dramatic in volume.

Aikata responds:

Thank you for your feedback, and I'm sorry I haven't seen this until now! I've been trying to put some more variance into my covers, though I'm often times reluctant to deviate from the original. This particular song has given me more trouble with variance.

Thanks again. :)

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The decision to shade so little of her hair and not to shade her shoes at all make those two parts of the picture seem flat. Her right hand (to the viewer's left) has seemingly random lines on it that I don't understand.

With respect to the background, I wonder if the logos would look better staggered, though I could potentially be off about this. In a simple grid, they look a bit repetitive and I wish a little staggering could have been done.

Overall the piece is nice, though the composition is a bit bland (standing straight, looking at viewer, legs apart). The colors mesh together well and the bright eye makes the piece come alive. That you chose pixel art as a medium is another kudos to you, as that's a time-consuming medium to choose.

On the deviantart community you'll find significantly more impressive works, which is the basis of my 3.5/5 (good, above average). Nonetheless, it's nice and well put-together.

I do like the attention to detail, and proportions are done well.

Right arm looks bizarre, even given your odd choice of stretched perspective. It capture's Kim's tomboyish flair well, though I wish that it also caught the fact that she is in fact female (a fact I can't tell from this at all).

TaraGraphika responds:

Have you seen Family Guy? There's one flashback when Peter was playing with his toy car or something, when his sibling came to talk to him?

Yeah, pretty much sums it up.

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